Za Steklom (За стеклом)

2004-12-01 Reposted: second part of the best episode. Margo in the shower (after dancing-dressing-body-painting party), camera1. DivX, 22Mb total, 384x288.
clip1, clip2, clip3, clip4, clip5.
2004-12-01 Reposted: first part of the best episode (Margo in the shower, camera2. DivX, 7 clips, 21Mb total, 384x288)
clip1, clip2, clip3, clip4, clip5, clip6, clip7.
2004-11-27 Anna in the shower. The only clip I have from the 2nd ZaSteklom show.
lazycaps.bigbrother.zasteklom2.anna.avi (indeovideo, 240x232, 0:09, 0.9Mb).
2004-11-27 Reposted.
Margo in the bathroom. DivX, 0:23min, 3.7Mb, crop from 384x288 to 240x280, 25fps slowed down to 14fps.
2004-10-17 I was not going to post this clip, 'cause despite the promising banner, there is nothing really intresting. But now it's here - the very last clip. Margo and Max (Butt massage).
lazycaps.bigbrother.zasteklom1.margo.bmassage.avi DivX, 3.4Mb, 352x280, slowed down.
2004-10-16 Well, everything at is dead... But someone released them in ED2K - look for "lazycaps" there.
Now the last two clips I have, Olga (as promised long time ago :).
lazycaps.bigbrother.zasteklom1.olga.shower1.avi DivX, 2Mb, 256x280, slowed down;
lazycaps.bigbrother.zasteklom1.olga.shower2.avi DivX, 5Mb, 296x280, slowed down.
2004-07-14 that's all about Janna. clips were cut from one big (to meet yandex requirements), you can glue them back if you wish.
Janna undressing. DivX, 0:34min, 4.99Mb, 384x288, slowed down to 14fps:
Janna in the shower1. DivX, 0:13min, 2.1Mb, 384x288, slowed down to 14fps:
Janna in the shower2. DivX, 0:21min, 3.0Mb, 384x288, slowed down to 14fps:
Janna in the shower3. DivX, 0:21min, 3.1Mb, 384x288, slowed down to 14fps:
Janna putting on tights. DivX, 0:30min, 4.6Mb, 384x288, slowed down to 14fps:
2004-07-13 that's all i have from the 3rd ZaSteklom show ("In the army"). if someone has more or better - mail me.
Ann in the bed. DivX, 0:22min, 4.6Mb, 384x288:
Ann tорlеss. DivX, 0:12min, 2.6Mb, 384x288:
Ann in the shower1. DivX, 0:06min, 1.3Mb, 384x288:
Ann in the shower2. DivX, 0:04min, 0.9Mb, 384x288:
Ann in the shower3. DivX, 0:07min, 1.6Mb, 384x288:
Melnikova in the bath. DivX, 0:41min, 4.8Mb, 384x288, 25fps slowed down to 14fps:
2004-07-12 Margo with a towel. DivX, 0:08min, 1.2Mb, crop from 384x288 to 288x272, 25fps slowed down to 12fps (fixed!)

i have about 85Mb from 1st "Za Steklom" show and 12Mb from the 3rd ("in the army") with two 21 and 27Mb scenes of Margo in the shower (similar or better quality). but is pretty slow and you have to cut files to 5Mb pieces here (could you recommend better FREE hosting?). well, my first idea was to publish it in ED2K network, but i don't have fast or at least permanent connection to internet. i'm going to name my clips "ED2K-ready" but i can't support sources. i believe that every good content should be shared for free. threfore if somebody (i hope as many as possible) will insert them in ED2K i'd really appreciate that and post ED2K link here as soon as i find it (do not rename or edit files for all sources to be the same!).
if there would be a constant intrest i'll keep posting my clips.

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